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Walkaround, tender, sports cruiser, roundabouts, day cruiser, runabout, chaseboat...
What is the difference?

The Tesoro is a versatile boat that can be used in different ways. Whether you are looking for a walkaround, tender or roundabout, Tesoro Yachts has everything you need.

Various definitions are used to describe powerboats, such as walkaround, speedboat, sports boat, tender, sports cruiser, roundabouts, day cruiser, cabin cruiser, sports boat, cabin boat, day cruiser, runabout and chase boat. In this article we will define these terms and explain how the Tesoro Yachts fits into different categories.


A walkaround boat has wide side decks, making it easy to move around and access everywhere. This makes them ideal for families and groups, because everyone can move freely without having to step over each other. The Tesoro has wide gangways around the deck, making it perfect as a walkaround boat.


Tenders are relatively small boats used to sail from a larger motor yacht to shore. They are often light and easy to maneuver. Tesoro can be used perfectly for this purpose.

Chase boat

Chase boats are a relatively new type of boat specifically designed for use with superyachts. Chase boats are larger than tenders and intended to operate independently of the yacht. They are often used for exploration, the chase boat can sail ahead to find the perfect anchorage or to explore interesting places nearby. The chase boat can take guests to remote locations for water sports activities such as jet skiing, wakeboarding, or scuba diving. In short, a chase boat is a type of luxury support vessel for superyachts, which can operate independently and provide guests with additional options to enjoy their time on the water.


Roundabouts are boats designed for fun and relaxation. They often have a large open deck and comfortable seating for a large number of passengers. The Tesoro is a perfect roundabout boat with a large open deck and plenty of seating.


Speedboats are designed for speed and performance. They have powerful engines and sleek hulls, allowing them to reach high speeds. The Tesoro is not designed as a pure speedboat for racing, but it does have super powerful engines that can take it up to a speed of 47 knots.

Sports boat

Sports boats are designed for fun and adventure. They are often smaller than speedboats and have more features aimed at recreation, such as comfortable seats, a sun deck and facilities for water skiing, for example.

Sports cruiser

Sports cruisers are boats that offer both speed and comfort. They have powerful engines, comfortable accommodations and features focused on recreation. The Tesoro could be seen as the perfect sports cruiser with a spacious cabin, a galley and a bathroom.

Day cruiser

Day cruisers are boats designed for day trips on the water. They have comfortable accommodations, features focused on recreation, and plenty of space. The Tesoro is perfect as a day cruiser with a spacious cabin, galley, bathroom and seating for many people.

Cabin cruiser

Cabin cruisers are boats designed for weekend trips or longer cruises. They have spacious accommodations, a galley, a bathroom and enough space for several passengers.

Sports boat

Sports boats are boats designed for water sports. They have powerful engines, a large open deck and features aimed at water sports. Tesoro has storage space for water sports equipment for water skis or Seabob.

Cabin boats

Cabin boats are boats that may have a cabin, but are not specifically designed for very long distances. They are often smaller than cabin cruisers and have less accommodation.